iDump Build 30

iDump Build 30

This program will allow you transfer your songs off your iPod to a PC. iDump does come wrapped in an installer but you can simply drop the .exe in the root directory on your iPod and run it from there.

Connect you iPod and run iDump and you´ll have access to all your songs, select the songs you want to transfer then pick a destination directory and how you would like your songs to be named. And then sit back and transfer all the selected songs to the PC.

Key Features:

  • Output formatting
    This gives you the option to select an output directory and the way the songs will be transferred.
  • Unattended Transfer
    If you have the pleasure of owning one of the larger iPod´s then this option is for you, Simply set the options for this feature and it will deal with common errors like what to do if a song already exist on the destination drive etc.
  • Search
    This does what most searches do, it searches!.
  • Playlists
    If you use playlists on your iPod then this give you the option to select any of the playlists and display the song within the selected list only.
  • Export Playlists
    This option will export all of your playlists in to the standard .m3u format.

What’s New in iDump Build 29:

  • Finally fix the errors with unicode.
  • Made some changes when using the feature to create playlist from the options menu. The output file will be named as the current selected playlist.

Download: iDump.exe
File Size: 198KB

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